Product Overview

Bleached Cotton is one of the most important divisions of our company. To meet the ever growing requirements of the cotton absorbent industry with its allied sectors, we have set up a state of the art fiber processing plant. The plant has a substantial capacity for Bleached Cotton processing.

We ensure that our process is done using safe and approved chlorine free formulae.We offer Bleached cotton in both Conventional and Organic varieties. Apart from the above we have the flexibility to customize the fibers
according to the customer’s demand with different finishes length of the fiber or any other special requirements. The brands name for this paticular division i.e. Hygiene and Medical textiles is SNOWFLAKES. Our product strictly complies with the Pharmacopeia standard of the countries around the world i.e. E.P, U.S.P, B.P, J.P, etc. Every consignment is validated by Standards Compliances Reports released after product testing in fully functional, Internationally certified laboratory. Each and every batch manufactured is lot controlled and coded for full traceability. Our close association with Cotton Incorporated (“Natural) has helped us in gaining the confidence of the customers world wide.