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Bleached Cotton Rolls Manufacturers In the market we are one of the well known manufacturers of bleached cotton rolls. With the usage of very high quality of raw materials these bleached cotton rolls are designed to serve the purpose. Suryavanshi group started its operations with spinning activity in 1978 with a spindle capacity of 1728 and steadily grown to a capacity of 100000 by 2002. These cotton rolls can used for various purposes. The use of advanced techniques in manufacturing of these cotton rolls makes them to have great efficiency, durability and optimal energy exploitation. Further our cotton rolls are manufactured in controlled environment conditions to ensure the extended operational life and cost effectiveness. Over the years the management has acquired an in depth knowledge on raw materials. We have also installed Evenness tester machine for testing for all parameters like strength, length of the fiber. We provide these cotton rolls according to the needs and requirements of our customers.

Our cotton rolls is

  • Processed with solutions to make the cotton rolls clean
  • It has high absorbent quality
  • Can be used for various injuries
  • Also it is available at different quantities

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