Absorbent Bleached Cotton

Absorbent Bleached Cotton
Absorbent Bleached Cotton (Comber Noil) is made from superior quality Natural Cotton Comber as it possesses high absorbency quality and ideal for cleansing and swabbing of wounds. We check the Absorbent Bleached Cotton for quality to ensure that there is no usage of any harmful chemicals. We also make use of high grade packaging material to make sure that they do not get damaged during the transit.

Bleaching of fibers is done using Peroxide and other REACH certified chemicals. We offer Bleached Cotton in Conventional, Organic, Fair Trade
and Fair Trade Organic varieties. Apart from the above we have the flexibility to the customer’s demands with different finishes, lengths of the fibers or any other special requirements. We also have expertise in bleaching 100% Cotton Fiber (length 26 mm - 32 mm). Also Surgical Cotton Rolls manufactured by us is widely used in Surgical, Dental, Medical and other industries for various applications.